Cranberry & Nuts

Special K* Nuts & Grain Cranberries & Almonds Bars

With sun-dried fruits, and roasted nuts, Special K* Nuts & Grain Cranberries & Almond bars are made with real, visible ingredients you can see and taste. Gluten-free with no artificial flavours or colours, each fruity, nutty bite proves it’s pure snack satisfaction.


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Special K Nourish

See the goodness

Made with real ingredients that you can see, Special K* Nourish doesn’t just say it’s full of nutrients. It proves it.

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Special K Protein

Special K Protein*† Cereals and Bars

Get moving with a variety of delicious Special K Protein*† cereals and bars that are high in protein.

Special K Protein* cereals and bars are a source of energy.

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